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Generally people love where they live.  They are keen to engage with the community, know what’s on and when, and like to support businesses that feel the same way about their community.  Surprisingly, the web doesn’t really have accurate and all encompassing portals to show the community what’s happening, consistently and in an unbiased fashion.  So if your business shows it’s commitment to the community and consistently highlights key events and news stories about the town / city in which you operate, you are far more likely to build a loyal audience.

Build creative posts for Facebook and Insta incorporating the event, with your branding and ‘look and feel’

For example, our customer is McCartney Real Estate – recently there was a 40km walk finishing in their home town of Torquay.  We ran a post encouraging those who were involved to tag friends  and also the Facebook page (if they have one established).  Granted this isn’t related to the business of Real Estate, but by engaging with the event, the participants and using positive language to support the event, we found a strong level of engagement across the community.  561 people were reached, the post was liked by 8 people and 4 made comments.  Not gigantic numbers, but it’s a free ‘feel – good’.

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Consider a consistent message to engage with a community sub – set

If you are in a coastal town, why not post a weekly surf report?  Or the upcoming match of the round in the local footy / cricket club, with the scores on a Monday?  Focusing on the footy team (for example), posting the scores on a Monday complete with goal kickers and the Best afield, you will find people tag themselves on the post, share with their friends and build a following of locals who want to see what you have to say each week.

Build a creative post with all the information contained within

As we know, people’s social feeds are busy and are chock full of content.  If you just post an image without context, then the audience are likely to skip over the post.  If you have image, text and a logo, you are more likely to get noticed.  Think about how you consume social media – it’s a matter of milliseconds before you scroll down.  We posted this one for our client last weekend and excellent engagement was generated, including from the organization putting on the market.


I’m a massive believer in not bombarding your audience with your core business.  20% of your posts should related to your offering, 80% should be on your personality, community engagement, office antics and supporting the local community.  You spend so much time building a loyal following, you don’t want them to ‘hide’ your posts because they don’t enjoy you ‘banging your own drum’.

Be there, in the flesh

Finally, we all like video.  Or better still, Livestream.  Recently we were at the Bells Beach Pro (surfing contest) and were at the presentation of the trophy.  It’s a big deal around Torquay (in Vic) and indeed the world.  So on behalf of our client, we Livestreamed the presentation.  1400 people were reached, 500 viewed the livestream and 9 people liked the video.  What better way to show how engaged you are with the community than actually being there.


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