Facebook Messenger for Business

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In a world where cut – through is vital and clutter is standard, business is always looking for ways to get their products and services in front of more people – both consistently and effectively.  Instant Messenger apps like Facebook Messenger are allowing companies to spread the world with more penetration than standard ads / boosts.  And best of all, analytics are plentiful so you can really analyse your ROI.

What is Facebook Messenger?

It’s an instant messaging service and software application – a web based chat service mostly used over mobile devices.  Think SMS but without any charge, and messages are sent via the web vs mobile towers.  Snapchat, Kik and Wechat are similar however for this exercise I’ll focus on Facebook Messenger as most businesses are familiar with advertising on this platform.

Why Messenger?

1.2 billion users as at April 2017.  Kind of compelling.

Also, it’s relatively uncluttered amongst business advertisers – most are boosting posts so you can really achieve a stronger level of engagement and high conversion rates.


How it works…

When a person clicks on your ad in their Newsfeed, a conversation will immediately open in Messenger for interactions to begin.  People can return to this conversation at any time.


Promote an offer… Use your ad to promote a new offer / discount and engage them in personal, real time conversations.


Offer a discount…Use Newsfeed ads that open a Messenger conversation as a unique way to promote a coupon / offer code and a personalised experience for your customer



Include Video, Slideshows and more… With a more flexible platform, you can serve static images through to slideshows and videos to further increase engagement.

Of course, you can set your own budget and duration and can tweak the campaign as you go.  Facebook’s ad builder platform works a treat too – super easy and it’s super cost – effective.

Like any campaign, take the time to segment the market to ensure you hit the right target.  Facebook allows more dissection than ever before.  Tweak the message to ensure more people take notice, and analyse ‘analytics’ via your ad manager to really get to know the results.

Act now whilst it isn’t as popular as boosting!

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