Keynote Speaker

keynote speaker

Keynote Speaker

Stu Atkins is a professional speaker, trainer and facilitator having  presented to thousands of business professionals across Australia, China, NZ and the USA.  Relevant in his content and tailored to any industry, Stu’s ability to entertain, engage and inform whilst ensuring his information is cutting edge is second to none and people at all levels relate to his style.


Disruption: Using specific and tailored content to your industry, the audience will be empowered by strategies to compete with the disruptors and traditional competitors to stay ahead of the curve.

Tech Innovation:  understanding the future means your audience is well armed to continually evolve to meet the ever changing needs of your customers

Social & Professional networking:  the platform and audience is ripe for the picking.  Utilising various channels to maximise cut-through and develop new business / consumer relationships by becoming ‘more local than the locals’.

Digital Footprint:  by focussing on your business and employee’s online presence and the ‘testimonial economy’, your broader audience will perceive your business as a provider of choice.

Sales Strategy:  using a simple 9 step process, your sales outcomes will radically improve by analysing ratios, ‘story telling selling’, tailoring meetings to always have the end in mind and most importantly removing any reluctance or fear of the imperative process of developing new relationships.