Social Media for small business – Top 5 tips

Small business has so many challenges in their quest to build their business.  Certainly being time and resource poor is one of the largest challenges.  Whilst traditional marketing methods have their place, more and more consumers and businesses are engaging with social media to build better relationships with their suppliers.  Stu Atkins from Social Seedling outlines 5 ways to gain immediate cut through in the Social media maze.

Choose one or two channels With so many options to communicate with a social audience, where do you begin?  My advice is to go straight to the channels you know.  Generally speaking, the majority are somewhat engaged with Facebook and being the most popular, is the first port of call.  63% of Australia’s 24 million people have a Facebook account, so that’s justification enough.  Instagram has 5 million Australian accounts and is the fastest growing platform in the country.  So my starting advice would be to build on these two platforms.

Set up a separate page for fun and business  Facebook allows you to set up a business page for free – this is a must do.  Too many business operators use their existing social page to promote their business dealings and is a sure fire way to turn off your family and friends.  Same with instagram, set up a second business page to ensure your communications are always targeted to your prospects, not your mum!

Build a local voice If your business works within a local community, then make your focus about your region.  By showing your audience you are local, you will garner respect and credibility.   For example, if you are a personal trainer in Newcastle, make sure you take great pictures of your customer’s working out in awesome locations in the region.  When you tag these posts with the people and places, they will share the images which builds a local voice.  And if you head to the school fair, or are volunteering at the Sausage sizzle, posting images of your involvement in the community further build trust with your local audience.

Content is king We’ve all heard it, but promoting interesting content on your area of expertise consistently across your website and chosen social platforms will see your Digital Footprint grow, and fast.  42% of business professionals will research a prospective supplier prior to engaging with them, so what do you look like to these prospects?  Having expert commentary and advice will help your profile to stand out.

Outsource The hardest part of running social campaigns is consistent content.  Use a multi – loading platform like Hootsuite.  You can schedule posts – so for example, creating 5 posts on a Sunday night and then scheduling the for the next 5 Monday’s makes you look consistent and organised.  And you can get on a focus on your business for the next month.  In addition, why not look for external assistance in writing content or managing pages?  You can head to websites like or to promote a job and have professionals from all over the world respond with their resume and cost.  Often help comes from third world countries so the rate is reasonable yet the quality is often very very good.

Stu Atkins is a keynote presenter and trainer specialising in innovation, disruption and social media to build better business.  He also runs Social Seedling, a social media business to help the SME sector work through the maze to build new customers.

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Stu is one of Australia's leading technology, disruption and social marketing speakers and trainers to commercial Australia.

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